Welcome to the Bramley Show

We are the Bramley Show.

Back row : Linda, Sue (Chair), Gill, Jan, Christine Front row: Gary, Gillie


It’s July and we are waiting for your entries for the Bramley Show. This year has been a difficult time for everyone and there has been a great community spirit shown in Bramley. Let’s all get together to make the Bramley Show an enjoyable event for everyone.

Although it is called the Bramley Show, we accept entries within a 10 mile radius of the village.

This is a new way of showcasing your fruit, vegetables, flowers, arts and crafts and we hope this may also be an introduction for those of you haven’t taken part in a show before. All you need to do is send in a photo of what you want to enter (see the programme and how to enter tab on the left hand side).

This year’s photographic competition has 2 sections. “Views of Bramley” and “Pets”. There have been some amazing photos of Bramley that have been shared on social media this year, so let’s hope we see some of these entered. We know how much people love their pets and this is a chance to share photos and let the people judge who they think is the most adorable pet in our Virtual Pet Show.

Nothing can quite make up for seeing the real thing but hopefully it will demonstrate the talent out there is and will give an insight to what gardening and creative skills local people have.

Thank you for supporting the Bramley Show.

Closing dates for entries

Creative writing Monday July 27th

Photographic competition Sunday August 9th

  1. The Virtual Pet Show will be uploaded and judged by the public.

All other entries Friday August 14th

Results will be announced on the Show weekend on August 22nd/23rd

Please note this involves a huge administrative task, so please be patient as this is the first time we have done this.

ENTIRES MUST BE EMAILED TO EntriesvirtualBramley@gmail.com