Welcome to the Bramley Show

We are the Bramley Show.

Back row : Linda, Sue (Chair), Gill, Jan, Christine Front row: Gary, Gillie


Well, who would have thought so much could change is the space of 4 weeks. The only thing we can be sure of is that we live in a wonderful village with so many lovely people around us and we will get through all the horrible bits with the help of this community.


We have decided to postpone the potato competition. This is a real shame as it will give the children some interest over the coming months but when we find a way of distributing them safely we will let you know.

Here at the Bramley Show, we are focussing on the positives we can all find, whatever age and family circumstances.

We will be adding craft patterns to keep our fingers busy. There will be a separate section for children. There will be gardening tips, for whatever outside space you may have, even it is just a windowsill. There will be writing tips for those who fancy trying to write poems or stories. There will be recipes which are quick and easy and nutritious.

This will involve a lot of preparation so please be patient and keep checking the web site.

We are also looking towards having a photo gallery, where you can upload photos of Bramley.

So, there are lots we can look forward to as the weather improves and the days get longer.

Look after yourselves everyone.

Sue and the team!