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Back row : Linda, Sue (Chair), Gill, Jan, Christine Front row: Gary, Gillie

October/November Update

Once the clocks “go back”, winter is on its way. It is surprising how the darker afternoons make me feel less inclined to go into the garden, especially as there is plenty for me to do. I have some new raised beds and I need to replant my rhubarb. I just hope it survives. Then there will be the endless deluge of leaves to clear up. Remember they make a great mulch if you put them in a black bin liner with a small amount of water and leave for a several months. My holly has some berries, but I am not sure if the birds will let them remain in time for a Christmas decoration.

It looks as if we could be restricted in what we can do over the next few months but here at the Bramley Show we want Bramley to have some fun and would like to encourage you to take part in our CHRISTMAS WINDOW WANDERLAND and CHRISTMAS ONLINE SHOW. Full details can be found on the links on the left-hand side.

The CREATIVE CHRISTMAS WRITING COMPETITION is now open. Please refer to the section for the guidelines.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing the photos of “Pets Do Christmas”, judged by public vote and there are opportunities to show off your floral, craft and cake decorating skills.

Closing date for entries is 1st December and winners will be announced on 15th December.

Please spread the word. We want the Bramley Show to continue to support and bring the community together. Lots of new things in the pipeline for next year.