Message from Clift Surgery – “If you are offered a vaccination, you should accept it immediately”

Welcome to the Bramley Show

January / February 2021

As 2021 arrives I am sure everyone is looking forward to some positivity.

Throughout 2020 we have seen Bramley’s community spirit grow with offers of help and support and new friendships formed – if only online.

The Bramley Show will continue to promote this community spirit, through activities throughout the year. There will be more creative writing competitions, the scarecrows will be back, there will be an Easter surprise and of course the summer show. Hopefully, we will also have a plant sale.

In addition to this we are supporting Clift Surgery through sharing health information, we are adding activities to support social prescribing and giving the Bramley Knits a platform to display what they are up to.

But we mustn’t forget the reason the Bramley Show existed in the first place – it was a horticultural show and we hope that people will enjoy growing vegetables and flowers in their gardens, containers or even window boxes and don’t forget the cookery and crafts. Let’s hope we can hold a real show this summer.

From the comments we have received, people have enjoyed our efforts during a challenging year. Without a physical show we have received no income this year. We do not receive any grants and the committee and kindness of some of the residents have borne any costs. Therefore, we have set up a rolling GoFundMe page and hope that when you see the Bramley Show posts and pop over to the web site you might consider giving a donation in support. We need money to continue and so we have set a target of £500.

You can donate here

We wish everyone one of you a happy and healthy 2021.

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