Another thing I have enjoyed this year is attempting some art. The process of art making can be so enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about putting it up on the wall or give it to someone. It is all about developing skills and losing yourself in the process.

What you need

The basics

Paper – you can get yourself proper art paper, but ordinary printer paper is fine to start with

Pencils – a cheap pack of artists pencils including B – 4B softness will be sufficient.

Watercolour paints – a small box of maybe 10 colours is enough to get you started as you can mix colours to get different one.

Brushes. Just a couple of good brushes are enough to get you started.

Watercolour pencils – these are brilliant. Draw and colour in then get a paintbrush with water and “paint” over the colour and it turns to paint! Magic!

Pastels – are a bit like chalk and a bit messy but great fun to play with, especially for landscapes. You really need textured pastel paper for the pastels to stick to.

Crayons – these are good for everything

Felt tips pens – great for colour but they often bleed through to be back of the page

Colouring books. There are plenty of adult colouring books around, as well as ones to download. One lovely one is The Kew Gardens Flowering Plants Colouring book, available on Amazon.

Another fun site is Firstsite, Colchester

This web site generously offers 3 art packs to download. Lots of fun here for children and adults. Contributors are well known in the art world such as Grayson Perry.

At the start of Lockdown 1.0 Grayson Perry and his wife made a programme called Grayson’s Art Club. Here we were invited to join in weekly projects such as 5-minute portraits, A view from your window, Fantasy, Britain, Me

This was inspiring with lots of ideas for making art at home.