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BRAMLEY SHOW – cooking hints

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Good luck. The fun is in taking part.
1. Practice makes perfect. If you have time, practise your recipe before
you make your exhibit. This is not always possible with preserves or
other more expensive recipes but can pay dividends. Remember that
most ovens vary so a practice run on any given recipe can help.
2. Bramley show is judged by experienced judges, working to the
schedule. Their standards are high but they appreciate the effort put
into producing a good display and take account of your hard work and
attention to detail.
How is Cookery judged?
1. First of all, read the schedule carefully, especially any notes and
ensure that the correct number of items are displayed. E.g. 6 scones…
no more, no less! You will lose points for the wrong number.
2. In the interests of hygiene, all baking entries should be covered in
cling film.
3. Do not use ready-made tin liners or allow cooling rack marks.
4. To line a cake or loaf tin, first grease the tin then cut greaseproof paper
to size and fit into tin. Allow cake to cool before removing the
greaseproof paper.
5. Cooling rack marks can be avoided by using a sheet of baking
parchment or silicon on your rack before turning out your cake.
6. Think about the way your exhibit will be displayed and choose a
suitable plain plate. You can use a paper or china plate of a suitable
size. Some exhibitors choose to use a doily under sweet entries, such
as cakes. This is not essential but does enhance your entry, but should
only be used for sweet exhibits.
7. If a recipe is specified it should always be followed.
8. The internal appearance is checked for texture and even distribution of ingredients.