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BRAMLEY SHOW – Hints and Tips  – Fruit, Veg and Flowers

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At our village show there are few rules. There are however some practices and conventions that help in the presentation of your entries. If in doubt ask one of our helpful stewards.
1. Read the Schedule. Pay special attention to how many items you have to submit, the minimum/maximum size if given, and any
specific preparation or display instructions.
2. Allow time to prepare your exhibits. It takes time to dig up and clean root vegetables, or to pick fruit and flowers. However, do not pick them too far in advance – the judge will take freshness and condition into account when awarding points, often cutting the exhibits open to check for condition.

3. Select appropriate specimens, particularly in fruit and vegetables, the judges will be looking for exhibits that are similar in size and appearance. Five medium sized beans or potatoes will score over a mixed group of large and small ones.
Young and succulent specimens will score above overgrown and tough ones.