The Bramley Knits

Knitted Bramley

The story so far

The Bramley Knitters were formed during lockdown in March and the Bramley Show is delighted to be able to support the initiative. We are also indebted to the Bramley Parish Council who gave us a grant to purchase what we needed to complete the project.

The inspiration was born out of a knitting project called Knit Your Town and with several knitters confined to their homes with little contact with family and friends a new community was formed, using email and WhatsApp.

Bramley is an attractive village with a centre of interesting houses, surrounded by fields and woods and we made a list of what needed to be included on our map.

We began by knitting squares to form a base (a bit like a blanket) on which to sew the buildings and then added a knitted frame. Finally the base was lined

Knitters were given outline patterns to create buildings, which they chose from the list. There was a pool of available wool and knitters either collected from a porch or had wool delivered to their doorstep and this worked out really well.

Once lockdown was lifted we met together for the first time at Clift Meadow Pavilion with the base and the houses already knitted. This was an important occasion as the project came to life.

We returned home with a further list of things to be added and the needles and wool came out again.

We managed one more socially distanced meeting just before the rules changed and we spent 2 hours pinning the buildings onto the base. This wasn’t as easy as we had thought. Clearly this was not a photograph of the village, nor was it a map. It was a representation of the village and the buildings had to be fitted in accordingly.

A small group of knitters, who are experienced quilters, took on the job of sewing the items on while everyone else continued to work on the small items that would give both colour and character to the final piece.

When finished it is hoped that the map will become part of the community to enjoy and serve as a reminder of 2020. When circumstances allow, we will have a grand launch for the community.