Below are the classes for this year’s show. Entries must be photographed and emailed.

The request for a card with a title is to help verify this is a genuine entry.

Vegetables (one entry per section)

  1. Tomatoes: A minimum of 4 tomatoes photographed on the plant, either in a grow bag, a pot or in the ground.
  2. Cucumber: photographed against a tape measure.
  3. Runner Beans: a group of 3 beans of equal length (photographed with the written word “beans”)
  4. Open class: Any vegetable photographed with a card stating the name of the vegetable

Fun section

  1. The longest runner bean: photographed against a tape measure
  2. The biggest marrow: photographed against a tape measure.
  3. A funny shaped vegetable: photographed with a humorous name.

Flowers – One entry per person

  1. Garden colour: a photograph of any of the following:
  • A hanging basket
  • A planted pot
  • A flowerbed.

Floral Art – One entry per person, per class

  1. A table decoration containing vegetables – this can include flowers and foliage.
  2. An arrangement in a basket


Photography – Judged by the public

This year we are limiting this section to 2 classes to encourage all those budding photographers to share images with everyone.

Photos will be uploaded for judging in August and there will be a week to submit your vote.

2 classes. Maximum of 3 photos per entrant.

  1. A view of Bramley
  2. Pets

Art – one entry per person per class

All pictures to be photographed. Only 2 classes, one entry in each class only.

  1. Pencil drawing – any subject
  2. A watercolour – any subject

 Cookery One entry per person.

  1. A decorated novelty birthday cake. Must be a minimum 20cm in diameter. Decoration only to be judged, but cake should be cut and a slice taken out of it. Two photos to be submitted.

Crafts – One entry per person per class

  1. A decorated face mask, worn by a model
  2. A recycled item
  3. A Christmas card – the outside and inside to be photographed (2 photos)

Children’s section – (only 1 entry per class Ages to be submitted with entry) 

  1. A monster made from fruit and veg
  2. A flower arrangement in a mug
  3. A painting

Creative writing – One entry per person.

Adult and secondary aged young people

  • A poem of maximum 20 lines ora short story maximum 750 words

Title: The Wrong Road

Children: currently in primary school.

  • Short story maximum 500 words

Title: The Lost Present

Entry forms will be available on the Bramley Show website from July.