Family History

Family History

During this year, I have had time to go through old photos and letters and it really got me thinking about my family and its history. I knew very little really but now I have found out so much interesting stuff and I want to record my findings for my family or anyone who might be interested.

You can start by simply drawing out your tree as you know it. There are free tree templates to download.

The programme “Who Do You Think You Are?” on BBC 1 stars well known celebrities who find out about interesting things in their past, so family history is big at the moment and there is so much available online. Sadly, there is a quite a big financial cost to belonging to the well know sites such as

Ancestry and

Find My Past,

but you may be able to purchase a month’s membership, to see if it is for you. Be warned! It is addictive!

Another interesting site in the British Newspaper Archives. This can be paid for quarterly

There are lots of War Records online too if you wish to find out about your ancestors. Try

Another interesting thing if you want to look further into the dynamics of your family is a genogram which looks at family patterns that have influenced you.

but don’t let the above links put you off. Memories are a great place to start.