The Bramley Show 2019

Winners Adult
Trophy Winner
The Anne Porter fruit and Vegetable Shield Anne Porter
The Phyl Davies Art Challenge Cup Karen Bentall
The Andrews Challenge Cup (Art first time entry) Judith Blaxland
The Bill Davies Memorial Cup James Meikle
Floral Art Dusty Taylor
The Davies and Jones Cup (Flower division) Gillie Edwards
Domestic Challenge Cup Sarah Hodnett
Best Fruit/ Vegetable in Show Anne Porter
First Time Overall Winner Judith Blaxland
The Champion Cup & Overall Winner Anne Porter
Winners 2019 Children

The Bramley Show Challenge Cup for most potatoes

William Rea
The Reed Potato Challenge Cup for the heaviest crop Isaac Rea
The Bramley Show Challenge Cup for the largest potato Sophie Revell
The Sam Bruce Cup for Painting Alice Large
The Reed Challenge Cup & Best in Show Muddy Fingers
First Time Overall Winner Muddy Fingers

The Bramley Show Children’s Cup &Overall Winner

Alice Large