Art & Photography Classes

We have now published the Art and Photography themes for the August 14th 2022 show.

This may seem a long way off, but we want to give the creative people of Bramley, plenty of time to produce those wonderful works of art or take that perfect photograph. We are always delighted with the inventive and often humorous interpretations people bring to our chosen categories.

There are four Art and five Photographic topics to choose from and you can enter one or all of them if you wish to.  As usual some subjects have been deliberately selected to challenge the imagination, but we have also tried to encompass current public sentiment by including a theme on climate change. 

For added encouragement, we have also included a few hints on possible interpretations for some of the chosen subjects.

There are also guidelines on how to enter the show and the rules your entry will need to comply with.

The subjects can be found here – Click here

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