Show Timetable

Show Timetable

The Bramley Show is approaching rapidly so we are publishing a timetable of the lead up to and events to the day.

Entering the show

You will be able to submit your entries to the show from Monday 8th August and the closing deadline will be 12.00 on Saturday 13th August. –For more details see the “How to Enter” section on this website.

On the day

Staging of Exhibits               8.30 am. to 10.30 am.

If you are exhibiting at the show, please arrive at the hall between the above times. Exhibitors arriving outside the above times will not be allowed into the exhibition hall.

You will be met by a steward who will show you how to collect your personalised exhibitors’ entry card(s) and direct you to where to place your exhibits. Please note that your name will be on the exhibitors’ card. When staging your exhibit, please ensure that your name is placed face down. This is to ensure that your entry remains anonymous to the judges.

Judging Commences            10.45 am.

The hall will be closed to everyone except the judges and stewards during this period.

Open to Public                       2.00 pm.

Your chance to view the show, enjoy a fresh cuppa and a lovely piece of cake. And of course, if you made an entry, see how well you have done?

Prize Giving                            3.00 pm.

The presentation ceremony where the winners are announced, and trophies are awarded

Auction & Raffle                   3.30 pm.

This is when we draw the raffle and Auction off any exhibits not wanted by the entrants so stick around and pick up a bargain.

Note to entrants: If you wish to retain your exhibit, please remove it from the exhibition hall immediately after the prizegiving.

Show Closes                           4.00 pm.