Sue Howell – How it all Started

It is all about taking part

I entered my first show six years ago. I was living is Wales at the time and decided to go for the traditional Welsh fruit loaf Bara Brith, as it looked quite easy. It is a very popular loaf, traditionally made with yeast, and eaten with lots of butter (don’t think too much about the calories!) and I had never made it before. Neither had I attended the local show before so didn’t really know what to expect, and when I entered the tent with my cake I was a bit worried. There were about 10 other entries in that class already set out, and the stewards were casting a critical eye over the baking. I exited quickly. It seemed a bit of a cheek to be entering a Welsh Show with a Welsh cake and me being English.

I returned at the allotted time to collect my cake, along with highly competitive, seasoned show participants. To my amazement I saw the red First Prize card tucked under my Bara Brith. I couldn’t believe it. Of course, all judging is anonymous and no one knew I wasn’t Welsh and I couldn’t help but smile that I had beaten all the other entries. It will remain in my memory for a long time.

So, a message to anyone who has never entered a show before, have a go! It is great fun. You never know, you could be placed and if you aren’t then you will have added to the enjoyment of the local show and supported the community.

Here is the recipe for my winning yeast free Bara Brith. Give it a go. It is delicious. This is one of the recipes we are considering as an entry for the 2020 show.