Poetry and Creative Story Writing Winners


Poetry is a wonderful form on which to focus your ideas, as it requires thought and planning. It is always the case that less is more, so you should choose your words carefully.

There are many forms of poetry, ranging from a strict rhyme and rhythm to free verse where there are no rules. Choose the form to suit your subject matter but whatever format you choose, you always consider your reader. Is your meaning clear? Are the images original? Try to avoid over sentimentality and remember, it doesn’t have to rhyme!

The winner of the Bramley Show Poetry Section  is

Rachel Walton – read her poem here  The Wrong Road – Poem – Rachel Walton

The Short Story

A short story is an enjoyable genre but challenging to write, especially when you are confined to a set number of words. The reader is looking forward to an original story and there is no time for a back story or detailed descriptions that are not crucial to the plot. It is not a condensed novel but a free standing piece that does not require a follow up. and a successful short story needs to be planned to make sure there is tension/conflict and ends hopefully with a twist. It is more satisfying to have an ending that you weren’t expecting. Avoid clichés, too many characters or descriptions that take up room at the expense of the plot. Try to avoid turning autobiography into fiction. They are two opposing genres. And always avoid the main character being dead and telling the story from a ghost’s point of view.

The winner of the Bramley Show Creative Writing Competition – Adult Section  is

Ruth Hunt – Read her story here The Wrong Road – Ruth Hunt

Joint Winners of the Bramley Show Creative Writing Completion – Children’s Section are

Elizabet Auld and Gabriel Fung both aged 5

Read their stories here

The Lost Present Elizabeth Auld (5)

The Lost Present – Gabriel Fung (5)