How to Enter the Bramley Show

How to Enter the Show

Entering the show is very easy but there are a few simple guidelines to follow:

  1. When you have decided which classes you want to enter, be sure to read the schedule very carefully and ensure your entry complies with any size restrictions or other conditions. The judges may decline to mark your entry if it does not meet these requirements.
  2. There is no restriction on how many classes you are allowed to enter but you will be charged 25P per adult entry or 10p for Children’s classes. Note: if any child wishes to enter an adult class they may do so, but they will be charged the adult price.
  3. Most classes allow just one entry per class, but certain cookery classes and all the photography classes allow two entries per class.
  4. If entering a class where a recipe is provided you should follow this as closely as possible. Judging will be based on the best results from the given instructions.

Completing the Entry Form

You can download the entry form from this website or if you have a copy of the schedule, it is on the back page.

Refer to the class number in the schedule and write this into an individual box. E.g. Enter 18 for “a Fuchsia in a pot.”

Continue until you have completed all your entries. If you are entering one of the classes where multiple entries are allowed, then repeat the class number in two separate boxes.

Add up the number of your entries and the total cost of them and enter this in the boxes provided.

Complete your name and contact details on the form.

Submitting your entry.

Entries can be submitted any time from Monday 8th August until 12.00 noon on Saturday 13th August. Fees must be paid at the time of entry.

Please take your completed form and entry fee (correct money if possible) to the address shown on your entry form. I regret we cannot accept electronic entries.

Please note: We recommend that you put your entry form and monies into an envelope that can be put through the letter box in case we are out. Sorry but we cannot guarantee that that someone will be in attendance all the time. As long as you include an e-mail address, we will acknowledge receipt.

Special needs

We acknowledge that personal circumstances may make it difficult for some people to submit their entry forms as requested above. If this applies to you then please e-mail us on  and we will try to make other arrangements for you. However, please note, we cannot accept requests to extend the submission deadline.


Show Timetable

July 27, 2022