How to Grow Potatoes

Start with just ONE.

All you will need is a 3 gallon (13.5 litre) bucket with drainage holes and a bag of compost.


  1. At the beginning of April, fill the base of the bucket with 10cm (4 inches) of compost. You can add a little perlite or grit to aid drainage. IF YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY WITH DRILLING DRAINAGE HOLES, BRING YOUR BUCKET WHEN YOU COLLECT YOUR POTATO.
  2. Place the potato shoots uppermost in the middle of the bucket.
  3. Cover with compost. As the shoots grow, keep adding compost to cover the shoots until the bucket is full.
  4. Leave outside in a sunny position. Keep watered.
  5. Bring bucket undisturbed to the Village Hall on the day of the show before 10am.

Do not worry if the leaves start to die. There will be potatoes underneath!

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