How to make pompoms

What is life without Pompoms?

Who doesn’t like a pompom?

They are soft, squishy and colourful and you can do so much with them. Most knitters have left over wool from projects, but there is plenty of cheaper acrylic yarn widely available, and so pompoms are an easy and accessible craft for children and adults.

They were traditionally made with two circles of cardboard with a hole in the middle. You wind the wool in and out of the circle until it is covered and you can’t get any more wool through. Carefully snip the wool around the outside edge until you can see and access the cardboard circles. Carefully prise the cardboard apart for about a centimetre. Take another piece of wool, place between the cardboard circles and tie really tightly together. Now remove the cardboard, leaving a lovely pompom. Snip around the pompom, removing any untidy ends. Done!

Some people make smaller pompoms, by winding wool around a fork, passing a piece of wool at the centre base of the fork and tying it tightly and trimming into shape.

Of course you can now buy plastic pompom makers, in different sizes.

So now you have a load of pompoms, what can you do with them?

Pompom bouquets, pompom bunting, pompom headbands, pompom animals. Pompom jewellery, Christmas tree hangings……… Use your imagination and see what you can come up with. Look out for an opportunity to make pompoms in Bramley!