Knitted Bunting – An easy and fun knitting project

Fancy having a go at knitting but worried about complicated patterns? Not much time for a big project? Got some odd balls of wool? Then why not have a go at knitted bunting. It is also a great way to introduce young people to the fun of knitting!

Everyone loves bunting! It adds a cheerfulness and colour to any event or can decorate a headboard or a children’s room. It can be as long or as short as you want. It can be any colour scheme you fancy, using simple garters stitch (every stitch knit). All you need to do is be able to increase and cast off. There is plenty of simple instructions on YouTube.

It is best to keep to the same weight of wool of each strip of bunting so you can get an even size.

Use double knitting and 4mm needles or chunky wool with 5mm needles.

Each flag can be one colour, shades of one colour, striped using lots of different colours and can be decorated with crocheted flowers, bows or butterflies and lady birds. You are only limited by your imagination.

Garter stitch has a natural stretch and so you can pass yarn, ribbon or string through the second to last row to join them together.

Use DK and 3mm needles to make small flags and 12 rows to make headboard bunting.

Basic Pattern

(You can adjust this pattern to suit the dimensions you choose)

Cast on 2 stiches

Knit 2 rows

Next row: K1, M1, knit M1 Kn1

Next row: knit

Repeat these rows until you have 40 stitches.

Weave string, ribbon, crocheted wool etc through the gaps between the stitches and arrange the flags evenly to the required length.

M1: Knit into front of stitch keeping the stitch on the needle and then knit into the back of the stitch and slip stitch off.