Here are the chosen topics for the 2022 Bramley Show Art Competition, to be judged at the Show to be held on Sunday 14th August at the Village Hall. Although the show is a long way off, we want to give potential entrants plenty of opportunity to create your perfect work of Art

This year we have chosen four topics. We look forward to seeing how you interpret them.

  1. A ruin
  2. Machinery
  3. A Seascape
  4. Open Class (any subject of your choosing)

To give you an example and get you thinking, let’s take a look at the possibilities for the Machinery Topic

Machinery has been around in one form or another for thousands of years so when choosing your subject think about what appeals to you.  It could be something modern, perhaps a motor racing scene, or it could be something more historic, like a steam fare.  Then again, you could think of much older machinery such as a windmill or a water mill. Alternatively, why not choose something more intricate like a clock or watch mechanism.  The possibilities are endless.

Guidelines For Exhibitors

  1. Entrants are allowed to make one entry in any or all four of the classes but they must not have been exhibited in any previous show.
  2. There is no stipulation on what media the artwork is undertaken in. The choice is yours. e.g. oils, acrylic, pastels, watercolour, pen and ink etc.
  3. There are no specific size restrictions but there are limitations on our ability to display large works of art. Please advise us on your entry form if you believe your exhibit may not fit on one of our display boards.  Similarly, if you wish to display a Sculpture or 3D work of art, please again signify this on your entry form so that we can make appropriate arrangement to display your entry.