These are the chosen topics for the 2022 Bramley Show Photographic Competition, to be judged at the Show to be held on Sunday 14th August at the Village Hall. Although the show is a long way off, we want to give potential entrants plenty of opportunity to capture that perfect shot. 

We have chosen five topics which we hope will not only be interesting, but also provide a challenge and a test of your ingenuity. Maybe even add a sense of humour to your entry.

At first glance some of the topics may seem very obscure. This is by design as we want to stretch people’s imagination. Because of this I have added a few explanatory notes against each topic.

  1. Signs of the Zodiac
    This is your chance to think outside the box.

    If you are aware of the Signs of the Zodiac, you may be wondering how do I photograph them? Well, you could start by thinking of the familiar name for the sign, e.g. Leo “The Lion”, Gemini “The Twins”.

    Great, you may have a lovely picture of the lions at Longleat for instance, (we’d love to see it), but here you can use your imagination too. What about one of the plinths in Trafalgar Square, or you may come across a picturesque pub called “The Red Lion”.

    You have 12 signs to play around with. We look forward to seeing how imaginative you can be.

  2. A Walk in the Woods
    Think how the flora and fauna will change during the months leading up to the show. Snowdrops and Bluebells will come and go. Attractive Fungi will appear overnight. Or you may catch a glimpse of a secretive roe deer or badger. Keep your camera handy on your walks and be prepared for the unexpected.

  3. Bridges
    From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the humble railway bridge in Oliver’s Lane. They come in all shapes and sizes so there is plenty to go at in this subject.

  4. Doors
    As with Bridges, you have huge array of door types to choose from. 

    Look for impressive doors in Churches and Stately homes. Or perhaps a humble door in an unusual location and don’t forget those holiday snaps with gaily coloured and sometimes ramshackle doors on the buildings.

  5. The Changing Climate
    A topical subject and how you interpret it is up to you. Extreme weather perhaps or the effects on wildlife or agriculture.

Guidelines For Exhibitors

Note that we cannot predict what any particular judge will decide are the best pictures, but there are a few things to consider.

Unless you are making an intentional artistic statement, ensure your photo is in sharp focus.

An unusual subject or one shot from an odd angle is likely to grab their attention more.

Make sure you enter the picture into the correct class.

The Rules

  1. Exhibitors can enter up to two photographs in any or all of the five categories above. So, you could in effect have ten entries in the show.
  2. Photographs must be your own work and must not have been entered into a previous show.
  3. Photographs should be no larger than 18 x 13cms (7 x 5 inches)
  4. They can be landscape or portrait orientation. Matt or Glossy finish.
  5. They should be displayed unframed or unmounted.

To ensure anonymity to the judges, please do not add your name to the front of the photograph.