Potatoes have been a staple in our diet for so many decades so now is a good to sing its praises by trying lots of different Spud based activities

The following ideas are for children, but no one is watching, so adults have a go too!

  • Write a love letter to a potato
  • Write a six potato poem – why not try an acrostic poem where each line begins with the letters POTATO
  • Write a limerick about a potato
  • Take a photo of a potato give it a name and personality
  • Make a potato head with vegetable features (care to be take if children are going to do this. An adult must do the cutting and supervise the assembly) peas for eyes, carrot nose, broccoli hair, pepper mouth. Use cocktail sticks to attach.
  • Do a painting or drawing of a group of potatoes. Not as boring as you think it might be!
  • Do a potato variety word search (see attached)
  • Do a 3 D potato jigsaw! Get a medium potato. Cut into 6 random shapes. Get someone to reassemble the potato as quickly as possible. Or have several potatoes and have a race. Great for children. You could cut into 3 or 4.) Then cook!! Lots of fun! No waste!

Time to grow!!

Now is the time to start growing potatoes. You don’t need an allotment or a big veg plot. Anyone can grow them in potato grow bags or even buckets or large tubs. Seed potatoes are avail in garden centres now.

Nothing quite like unearthing cool fresh potatoes, even if just enough for one meal.

Details on how to grow potatoes in a bucket can be found here

And while you’re waiting for your potatoes to grow, try our potato word search