Gardening is a healthy and fun activity for all generations, but many are put off because they think they need a large garden or an allotment. The reality is you can grow in the smallest of spaces! Whether it’s a tiny patio or balcony with containers or even pots on a sunny windowsill indoors, growing your own can be just as successful and rewarding. The anticipation of watching a seed you have sown push through the soil and grow into a beautiful flower, or a vegetable that can then be picked and eaten, is so exciting.

Each month on the website I’ll be giving my suggestions and top tips for new gardeners on how to get the most from your growing space. I’ll focus my attention on small modern gardens, that as well as fitting in a vegetable plot often need to double up as a play area, or no gardens at all, such as a patio or balcony.  I hope this inspires more of our community to get growing and I look forward to seeing the results at next year’s Bramley Show!