Hybrid Tea Roses (Show Classes 8 & 10)

The usual advise is to Prune roses in late winter or early spring.

However, if, like mine your Tea Roses have grown to a considerable height, you may decide to reduce this height now before winter storms have a chance to damage your roses.

Tall plants can sway in strong winds which ultimately will damage the root stock.

Reducing the height now removing the top third or even half, can minimise the risk of this damage.

This is a quick guide to pruning your roses without damaging the plants.

Please note: When pruning roses, I strongly recommend you wear a thick pair of gardening gloves and eye protection. A prick from one of the sharp thorns can easily turn septic and any contact with the eyes could result in permanent damage to them.

Ensure you have a sharp pair of secateurs and begin pruning just above a leaf bud. 

Note that new growth will emerge from the leaf bud in the direction the leaf bud is pointing.

Try to avoid leaving too much stalk above the leaf node. This will avoid die back and possible disease to the rose.

Continue until all plants are reduced in height.

Revisit the roses in late winter or early spring and reduce the height to just above ground level.